Tower 200 Home Gym Review

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Published: 19th January 2011
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The Tower 200 gym is the brand new workout equipment from Body by Jake. I've got to say that it truly is a nice equipment for getting fit when used correctly. It easily fit on any standard door inside your house and office.

The product is labeled the Tower 200 for the reason that it has 200 lbs of resistance in addition to offering you with 200 different types of exercises. Having 200 different workout routines to perform provides you numerous choices to keep the body in shape.

A key idea behind the Tower 200 is to give you a fast 11 minute exercise routine because a ton of individuals don't have much free time. Should you be an individual which love to make excuses on how working out requires a lot of time, there is now no excuses now.

The product is extremely simply to setup because there's completely no assembling needed by you. All the things has been set up whenever you take it out of the packaging. To install, you just place the top part of the product on the top of a door you want. Next you slide the piece on the bottom beneath the door. It is simple and requires just several minutes to get it done.

The build of the Tower 200 is stable and sturdy and it would not scratch the door. There's a metal casing for further strength and also safety. Using the Tower 200 it is possible to work out using 200 total lbs of resistance. It does not make a lot of sound, it could be great for working out while having on your favorite tunes.

It goes without saying, you are not stuck with 200lbs of resistance since there's three bands which you put together for various resistance levels. The bands all have different color to help separate them. The red band is 40 lbs, the black band is 35 pounds, and last the gray band is 25 pounds.

The Tower 200 is perfect for beginners and those already in shape too. There are exercise routines for starters and for those out of shape. If you are an experienced bodybuilder then there are good workouts as well if you don't have the time to visit a fitness center.

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