Pasta Boat Microwave Pasta Maker

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Published: 30th December 2010
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For those that are weary of having to fuss around with giant pasta pots, strainers, timers and testing just to cook a bowl of pasta then there's a product that might help you named the Pasta Boat. It is a brand new five in one pasta cooker that helps you to make great pasta right out of the microwave.

You'll get perfect pasta every single time without many of the headaches and hassles generally connected with cooking pasta. To utilize the Microwave Pasta Boat all you have to do is pour your pasta inside, add water to the serving line, and then place it inside the microwave oven and set the timer. It is that simple.

After it is done, you place on the strainer lid to strain out the water and the pasta is ready for serving. Your kitchen stove uses hot boiling water to cook your pasta but if the heat is too high it will boil over and if it is too low the pasta clumps together. Pasta Boat harnesses the microwave to automatically heat and keep the water at an ideal cooking temperature. It works well with different kinds of pasta, which includes penne, rigatoni, macaroni and much more.

The portion handles of the Pasta Boat even enable you to measure the spaghetti and they also remain cool to touch while it is cooking. In addition since it provides a boil that is controlled,fine raviolis or lasagna are cooked without any tearing. There is also a handy steam rack included which allows you to cook baked potatoes and steamed vegetables directly in the microwave.

In addition the Pasta Boat Pasta Maker is also a container for storing leftovers. So if you have got any leftover pasta you simply place on top the lid and then set it inside the fridge.

Typically a single Pasta Boat would sell for $10 plus shipping and handling but right now there is a buy 1 get 1 free promotion. You will get a second Pasta Boat free of charge. Plus as an extra bonus, there is a food chopper included free with the order.

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